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One Tab, A Proper Useful Chrome Extension

I won’t give over valuable browser memory to any old extension.

They have have a huge detrimental effect on your browser speed – even ones that would be considered inactive – so god knows what they are reporting about your net habits behind your back.

But this one I love, and I think most people working on tech stuff will love it for the same reasons.

You’ve been working on a project a few hours. Logging on here there and everywhere, using docs and forums, so before long your tabs are out of control.

Tab madness, the result of a typical tech session

You know there is some stuff in there you want to come back to. Plus you know how much time you spend repeatedly calling up the same sites.

One Tab is a nifty little utility that sends all of your active tabs to a single tab. So what was across the top is now all clickable on one page.


There are lots of options, only save one from single domain/save multiple, how to reopen, tabs to exclude etc.


Anybody who has to go to a lot of tech sites will soon see it’s potential for building your own fast launcher of your regular websites.

No more relying on google’s cache from the address bar, or groaning with the day it seems to have forgotten of its own accord and you have to start typing full addresses in again.

You can choose to send them all to the OnePage, or selectively, all to the right/left etc etc.


You can save and name groups for recalling them together,

Perhaps its biggest party piece of all, you can even save the onepage as a website to share or for your own ease of access elsewhere.

But that is all about it being useful. The other side of it (actually the aspect one-page promote) is the big memory saving in closing down your cluttered browser.

Big time saver, big memory saver, simple and easy to use, totally free, and best of all it makes the tech job that bit less stressy.




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