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The trouble with tech is tech …

Trouble with tech for non tech people is that when we do need to understand tech, like to make our websites function or prevent our computer getting its head kicked in,  the people we have to turn to for tech guidance are techs, and techs can only speak tech, usually to other techs.

That wouldn’t be so much of a problem, most of us could get to grips with tech-speak and still maintain lives among normal society, but when the tech spots you don’t know tech, when they smell that fear, you become someone they view with somewhere between contempt, derision and total incomprehension.

I decided I would create a home within which I will post those tricks, tips, workarounds and resources that I have often battled the world of tech and techs to achieve.

In doing so I hope some other poor soul staring blankly at their screen at 3a.m. may stumble across them in their google search, and find tech stuff, but written by a non tech bloke.


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